Entertainment Resource supplies libraries by nWave Pictures, Niceberg Studios and Showscan Entertainment. We offer a wide variety of films with more than 50 movies, including 3D/4D attraction films, 2D/3D ride films and specialty films.

Most popular films from nWave Pictures

Robots of MarsRobots of Mars 3D/2D (04:43)
This ride is a wild and wacky computer animated ride in which the audience soars into a comedy adventure to help Mad Doctor, Sparky the Robot and a band of mechanical misfits, defeat the evil Supervisor of Mars and save the universe!

Skate RaceSkate Race 3D/2D (04:13)
Turbo ignition… Steady on your board…You are off! Hug every curve, fly over giant obstacles and take on exhilarating twists and turns as you fight your way to the finish line!

Snow RideSnow Ride 3D/2D (03:18)
Race through snow-covered mountains, over decaying narrow bridges and through dangerous bat caves. This is one wild, icy ride that will give you thrills and chills!

Cosmic RaceCosmic Race 3D/2D (03:42)
Get ready for a high octane space race around a cosmic circuit. Only one in five makes it to the finish line in this fast-paced battle for supremacy. This is a pure adrenaline rush!

Haunted Mine RideHaunted Mine 3D/4D (11:03)
A spine-tingling prospect… Hang on to your ten gallon hats as you plunge headfirst into an old, dilapidated gold mine that just happens to be haunted…Inside this hotbed of mystery and suspense, you`ll come face to face with the mine`s ghostly prospector who will warn you not to venture any further, but your insatiable appetite for adventure will overpower all reason. Now only some quick thinking, and a little luck, can get you out alive…

Most popular films from Showscan Entertainment

RobosoldierRobosoldier 3D (04:50)
A metropolis has fallen victim to the sinister, spider-like robot General K and his band of battle droids. Recapture the city`s main Energy Tower, which will be destroyed unless ransom demands are met.

Space 4DsseySpace 4Dssey (12:00)
The Clean 8 is a spaceship that cleans space debris floating around the Earth`s orbit. The Clean 8 crew consists of Captain Tong, his young son and a robot named Michael. One day, Clean 8 comes across a strange sphere-like object and gets sucked into its wormhole…taking them to the Alien Spaceship, Coloterium.

Big Bad BugsBig Bad Bugs (04:50)
Enter the treacherous underground tunnels of a strange planet to stop the threat of big bad bugs and their powerful Queen.

Devil's mine rideDevil`s Mine Ride 3D (04:20)
The award-winning “Devil`s Mine Ride” is in 3D with new effects! Take a dangerous mine cart ride into a murky, lava-filled depths of an abandoned mine. Winner of 13 international film festival awards.

Haunted RacewayHaunted Raceway 3D (04:11)
Buckle up for an intensive thrill ride, competing against ruthless riders on the haunted raceways of Survivor Roadrace 2010, a game show where the surviving winner takes one million dollars.