4D Motion

Entertainment Resource provides very versatile features for 4D Motion Theatre Attractions. Every project is customizable and you can choose from all these features:


  • 3D screen 6-24m wide
  • Digital projectors for 3D projection (35 or 70mm projectors on request)
  • Certified screen construction system for screens & speakers
  • Screen format: flat, round or dome


  • Powerful 6 or 16 channel audio system (used in large cinemas) including speakers and amps
  • DTS and Dolby Digital Audio system

Platforms and Seats

  • 3/4/6 axle moving platforms with 9/18/27 individual seats
  • Open platforms with
  • Access stairs for entry and exit
  • Moveable bridge for access to platform


  • Control system complete with all hardware and software
  • User friendly interface
  • Maintenance over network
  • Direct control over playback, effect control, lightning and all emergency inputs

In-theatre Effects

  • Customized 4D effect package due to your preferences
  • Water effects
  • Fog effects
  • Scent effects
  • Bubble effects
  • Wind effects
  • Light effects
  • Snow effects
  • Streamers and confetti effects
  • Real fire blasts
  • …and many more